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October 3, 2007
- Manning Harris
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A ribald comedian, Courtenay Collins also goes to
dark, dangerous and exhilarating places. With the
tragic "Ne Me Quitte Pas," the tears are real, and the
performance one of the best of the year.
- Wendell Brock
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
September 28, 2007
... And then there is Courtenay Collins.  This actress
has either ingested some magic potion or had some
transforming experience in her life or both — because
she is electrifying.
...Collins stands first among equals. For the chorus of
the French-language "Ne Me Quitte Pas" ("Don't
Leave Me"), perhaps the evening's highlight, she
repeats the title phrase like both an appeal to a lover
and a wrenching accusation to the heavens.  ...
evokes the likes of such timeless singers as Edith
Piaf or Lotte Lenya while being uniquely sexy.
Creative Loafing
October 3, 2007
- Curt Holman
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