Courtenay Collins
Aside from her performing career, Courtenay enjoys a full time role as a
private vocal coach and teacher working with both professional and
nonprofessional clients. She coaches students of all ages as they
prepare for auditions, performances, and college entry auditions. She
teaches the fundamentals of singing with focus on diction, breathing,
technique and pedagogy applying a technical foundation to all styles of
music – Classical, Broadway, Jazz, Pop/Rock, and Rap.

“I love working with all levels of students from the beginner to the
professional. I feel I can bring a different perspective to my students by
keeping myself out there and having to practice what I preach. Teaching
makes me a better singer because I re-learn and validate aspects of my
own technique every day. I never thought I would love teaching as much
as I do, but I really enjoy working with people and experiencing the “Ah–
Ha” moment with them – that golden moment when someone grasps a
technical concept and gets their desired performance results! I have had
such wonderful teachers in my life it is a real joy to be able to pass along
their wisdom and advise now.”

Courtenay also coaches actors for auditions, monologues, and roles in
theatre, film, and television.

She has also worked with business professionals, lawyers, teachers, etc.
on public speaking, presentations, or vocal placement.

“Basic vocal production is the same for any type of public speaker as it is
for an actor. The speaking voice wants to be well placed and centered,
supported by proper, relaxed breathing, and backed with good diction.
The voice should sound resonant and pleasing to the ear. It is difficult to
listen for long to a monotone or a high-pitched squeaky voice.”

Courtenay’s students have performed leading roles in musicals or plays
in these Atlanta schools:

Atlanta International School, The Epstein School, Gallaway, Holy
Innocents, The Lovett School, Pace Academy, Padea, North Springs
Charter School, Riverwood International Charter School, Roswell High,
Westminster, Woodward Academy

Her students attend or have attended these college Fine Arts Programs:

   American Academy of Dramatic Arts
   Carnegie Melon
   Cincinnati Conservatory
   Boston University
   Guilford School of Acting – London
   Jacksonville University
   Manhattan School of Music
   University of Florida
   University of Miami
   University of Georgia
   University of South Carolina
   University of Alabama
   University of Mississippi